Special Announcement!

There is a eCommerce website called “Freedom Fido”

The are a scam website and NOT us.

We strongly suggest no to purchase anything from them.

Freedom For Fido was founded in 2019 by Jackie Gilbert. Jackie’s heart broke whenever she saw dogs on chains while driving around the Blue Ridge area. Often the dogs had no room to run and lacked shelter from the weather. It was at this time she stumbled upon the show “Returning the Favor”, hosted by Mike Rowe. On one of the episodes, he covered an organization in Oregon called, “Fences for Fido” which was freeing dogs from life on a chain by building fences. Jackie’s thought was that if they can do that out in the Pacific Northwest why can’t we do something like that here in Blue Ridge, Georgia? With the kind mentorship of Fences For Fido, Freedom For Fido was born. Our Purpose is to free dogs who live on chains in the North Georgia Mountains. We are a charity which provides free fencing for low-income residents who reside within 20 miles of Blue Ridge, Georgia.

We appreciate those of you who share our love of dogs and would encourage you to consider a donation to allow us to “Free More Fido’s”!

Thanks again for your interest in Freedom For Fido!